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Is A CrossFit Injury Keeping You From Your Workouts?

If a CrossFit injury is keeping you from staying active and living pain-free…keep reading to find out how Vitality Therapy and Performance is the best solution for you…

Don’t sacrifice the lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed.

CrossFit is the workout you look forward to every single day. 

You love to focus on building your strength, challenging yourself, and enhancing your performance. 

Whether it’s deadlifts, pull-ups, or the hated thrusters – you love to be able to move your body, leaving the gym feeling energized after your WOD. 

But ever since your CrossFit injury — you haven’t been able to advance like you’re hoping. 

You’re tired of missing out and having to modify your workout routine to not upset your injury. 

You’re looking for a solution. You’re looking for a way back to your old, active self before the injury interfered. 

If you relate – we’re glad you’re here and we’re ready to help. 

Vitality Therapy and Performance is the BEST solution to helping heal your CrossFit injury and getting you back in the gym – with zero limitations. 

It’s time for US to help YOU.

We know how frustrating an injury can be to your gains. 

You’re constantly looking for ways you can advance and strengthen your abilities. 

You have goals you continuously are working toward – but your injury has interfered with your progress. 

Whether it be sharp, pinching shoulder pain, or back pain that refuses to disappear — your injury is keeping you from the person you’re working so hard to be.

This is no way to live. 

You’re looking for a solution to your CrossFit injury — and we’re here to help. 

We know how important an active lifestyle is to someone like you. 

With your confidence in your abilities diminishing, it’s time to do something about this injury that’s keeping you from advancing like you wish to. 

This is where we come in. 

At Vitality Therapy and Performance, we help you get back to CrossFit worry and pain-free. 

We work with you to reach your goals, eliminate your pain, and enhance your performance

Interested in finding out more about how we can help heal your CrossFit injury? 

Ask about our availability and cost today.

Here’s the thing — when it comes to crossfit injuries, there are a lot of different ways one may try to relieve the pain. We’ve seen it all.

Maybe you’ve tried…

But none of these things seem to be working – and when they do work, the results don’t stick. 

That’s because all of these are temporary solutions. 

You’re not getting to the root cause of your injury. You’re not taking the steps to heal it properly, so it continues to ache. 

Here at Vitality, we give your CrossFit injury specialized attention. We get to the root of the injury to figure out what is causing the pain, allowing us to accurately treat you and get you back to your favorite workout. 

Here’s the thing… 

Some patients have been told that injuries are just a part of living an active lifestyle. That you just have to modify how you work out to avoid injury. 

This is NOT true. 

While it is important that you practice correct and safe techniques when working out — pain is NOT a result of an active lifestyle. 

Your pain or injury is telling you that there’s a problem — and it’s a problem that we can solve. 

The truth is…

Your CrossFit injury deserves specialized care – and that’s exactly what we’ll do. 

You may be wondering…how does Vitality Therapy and Performance stand out from the rest?

We’re not like the other guys who tell you to…

We don’t give you these options because we know it won’t fix the initial problem. 

We prioritize YOU. 

We get to the root cause of your injury and figure out a real solution for your real problem. 

We know that you’re a strong, confident, active individual who is waiting to get back to your active lifestyle and activities with zero limitations. 

And that’s what we promise to do for you. 

We know that time is your most valuable resource, which is why our goal is to help patients like you get back to their lives with no pain or restrictions. 

You can trust that we have your best interests at heart. We listen to YOU and YOUR goals — our main priority being that you reach those goals. 

We strive to be a resource for Tulsa’s community of coaches, athletes, trainers, and active individuals. We pride ourselves in never staying stagnant, always pushing to keep Tulsa healthy and pain-free. 

And that’s what we’ll do for you. 

Let’s work together and make your injury a thing of the past. 

Ask about our cost and availability today.