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Is Hip Pain Keeping You From Living An Active Life?

You’re tired of being held back by hip pain — you want to get back out in the world, confidently and pain-free. If you relate, keep reading to find out how Vitality Therapy and Performance is the best solution for you…

Don’t sacrifice the lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed.

You’re tired of feeling frustrated and disappointed. The active lifestyle you love to live has been put on pause in hopes that the pain heals itself and you can back to how it used to be. 

But it hasn’t stopped. The pain continues to interfere with your life. 

You’re looking for a solution. 

If you relate – we’re glad you’re here and we’re ready to help. 

Vitality Therapy and Performance is the BEST solution for you and your hip pain. 

It’s time for US to help YOU get back to the lifestyle you love — with no limitations or restrictions.

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with hip pain when trying to stay active.

You have goals you want to reach – and your hip pain is interfering with your progress.

These are the activities that have been limited ever since hip pain started to infiltrate your daily life. 

This is no way to live. 

We know how important an active lifestyle is to someone like you. 

Going for runs, bike rides, or to the gym is your escape – it helps you focus and allows you to have me-time. 

Or, it allows you to be social with a gym buddy.

But ever since your hip pain – you’ve been missing out.

…While you sit at home, resting, waiting for the pain to disappear. 

With your confidence in your abilities diminishing — you want to do something about this hip pain.

That’s where we come in. 

At Vitality Therapy and Performance, we help you get back to the gym worry and pain-free. 

We help you get back to your LIFE

We work with you to reach your goals, eliminate pain, and enhance your performance

Interested in finding out more? 

Ask about our availability and cost.

Hip pain is something that’s ruling your daily life — and you may not even be realizing it. 

Maybe you’ve tried…

…the problem with all of these options is that they are temporary. 

You will only be met with temporary solutions when you try these. 


Because the root problem is not being addressed. 

Here at Vitality Therapy and Performance, we give your hip pain specialized attention. We get to the very root of the problem to figure out what caused this pain in the first place, allowing us to accurately treat you and get you back to your active life. 

Here’s the thing…

Some patients have been told that their hip pain is just a result of living an active lifestyle or it just comes with age. 

This is NOT true. 

Your hip pain is an interference in your progress and a problem — and it’s a problem that’s begging to be fixed.

The truth is…

Hip pain is NOT normal, it’s an issue — an issue we can fix.

You may be wondering…how does Vitality Therapy and Performance stand out from the rest?

We’re not like the other guys who tell you to…

We don’t tell you to do these things because we don’t offer temporary solutions. 

Here at Vitality Therapy and Performance, we get to the root cause of your hip pain and figure out a real solution that fixes the problem. We work closely with you to reach your goals. 

We prioritize YOU

We want you to get back out there, living your life pain-free. 

We know that you’re a strong, active, confident, and empowered individual who is just waiting to get back to an active lifestyle with zero limitations. 

And that’s what we promise you. 

We know that time is your most valuable resource, which is why our goal is to help patients like you get back to their lives with no pain or restrictions. 

You can trust that we have your best interests at heart. We listen to YOU and YOUR goals — our main priority being that you reach those goals. 

We strive to be a resource for Tulsa’s community of coaches, athletes, trainers, and active individuals. We pride ourselves in never staying stagnant, always pushing to keep Tulsa healthy and pain-free. 

And that’s what we’ll do for you. 

Let’s work together and make your hip pain a thing of the past. 

Ask about our cost and availability today.