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Are You Dealing With Premenopause or Menopause?

When entering premenopause or menopause, we know it can be life-changing and stressful — you want guidance and answers. Keep reading to find out how Vitality Pelvic Health can be the best resource for you… 

You’re tired of these daily annoyances. 

You want to live your life without discomfort. 

These symptoms are real hormonal changes happening to your body and should be treated as such.

Entering a new stage of life can always be somewhat intimidating or challenging when you don’t know what to expect. 

If you’re dealing with premenopause or menopause — you just want answers and relief. Vitality Pelvic Health can (and will!) help you.

We know how frustrating these symptoms can be. 

Whether it be the heaviness in your pelvic area along with UTIs and infections — these instances can be a big disturbance to how you live your life. 

You just want to go back to living your life with no discomfort or restrictions. 

Maybe you want to go for a walk without feeling the urgency to urinate. 

Maybe you want to enjoy a day at the beach without feeling heaviness in your pelvic area. 

Whatever it may be — the discomfort you’re feeling is not ideal. 

You may feel like all of this is impossible. 

It’s not. 

We can make this happen for you through pelvic floor exercises and physical therapy. 

We can eliminate worry, pain, and discomfort. 


Because we know that time is precious. Memories spent with loved ones and participating in your favorite activites are what make you look forward to every day. 

You have goals. You want to advance. You want to become better. 

Age won’t slow you down. 

You are strong and confident and we can help you get to feeling like yourself in no time. 

Interested in finding out more? Ask about our cost and availability. 


Here’s the thing — when it comes to Menopause & Premenopause, there are a lot of different ways one may try to relieve the pain. We’ve seen it all.

Maybe you’ve tried…

…and the problem with these options is that they only offer short-term solutions. 

The root problem is not being addressed with these options which is why you continue to feel discomfort in the pelvic area. 

Here at Vitality Pelvic Health, we give your premenopause or menopause symptoms specialized attention because we know that we can get to the root of the problem, helping you return to a life lived with ease and no restrictions

We figure out what symptoms are causing you trouble and then we begin our work together to eliminate pain and discomfort. 

Here’s the thing…

Some patients have been told that their symptoms are just a result of aging. 

This is NOT true. 

While the symptoms may be common — it doesn’t mean you have to learn how to live day to day with them. 

You may be wondering how Vitality stands out from the rest…


We know how to fix the problem. We work with you to get to the root cause and work from there. Your symptoms deserved specialized 1-on-1 attention – and that’s exactly what we’ll give you. 

No more short-term solutions. 

We work for long-term solutions here at Vitality – and that’s what you’ll get when you book with us. 

We are committed to helping you eliminate pain and discomfort and get you back to your life as you wish to be living it — no limitations or restrictions. 

We know that you’ve already had to refrain from so much. 

We don’t want that to be an option for you anymore. 

We work with you to develop a personalized plan of treatment to get you back on your feet comfortably — living life with ease. 

We know that time is your most valuable resource, which is why our goal is to help patients like you get back to their lives with no pain or restrictions. 

You can trust that we have your best interests at heart. We listen to YOU and YOUR goals — our main priority being that you reach those goals. 

Book with us and let’s eliminate your pain and discomfort with premenopause or menopause today. 

Ask about our cost and availability today.