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Vitality Pelvic Health Success Stories

Virginia Duncan
I saw Tristen at Vitality Pelvic Health after having my son. It had been almost a year since I had torn from childbirth and I still just didn’t feel quite “healed up”. Tristen helped me with exercises to help heal and strengthen my pelvic floor! Would highly recommend!
Ruthie Jourden
PLEASE go see this woman if you have any incontinence, bladder urgency, or pelvic floor issues! Tristan was able to help me improve my quality of life significantly with her extensive knowledge of pelvic health, and I am truly grateful. I have had a full recovery back to normal. This has been the most successful and rapid Healthcare that I have ever received.
Maggie Ohnesorge
Dr Tristen Swengle is fantastic; one of the most competent and kind health care providers I have ever seen. She helped me rehab my body after I gave birth to my sixth child. My goals of therapy were met (essentially to have less pain and more strength). My back and sciatica issues are almost fully resolved, and I have the knowledge and exercises to continue to improve. It sounds trite, but Dr Swengle empowered me, and I hope anyone who has pain will find such wonderful professional care.
I went to Tristen at Vitality Pelvic Health because I wanted to heal my DRA. After my initial consult, I was informed about pelvic health and knew I needed to take action not only to heal my DRA, but my overall pelvic health. I received more than I imagined from Tristen. She is patient and very thorough in making sure her patients understand the program she creates specifically for them, based off of goals the patient sets. My goal was to correct some things that will help me be a better runner. I didn’t realize how much my pelvic played a role in my running. I now feel better physically and have seen the improvements in my hip flexibility as well as my core strength. Thank you Tristen for helping me get back a part of me (running) that I thought was slowly going away.
Ashley Gill
Tristen has been so amazing to work with for years! I saw her during and after two pregnancies and it was a game-changing experience. She is so friendly, focused on you as a patient, and I cannot recommend her enough!
Kati Stanley
Highly recommend! Tristen Swengle made every step of the journey comfortable. Very consent-based, knowledgeable, and fun! My symptoms improved in the short six weeks I was seeing her and I feel empowered to continue my strengthening and healing journey out of office.