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Struggling with Shoulder Pain?
Regain Your Active Lifestyle

If you’re frustrated with shoulder pain constantly holding you back from living an active life – shoulder pain physical therapy in Tulsa at Vitality Therapy and Performance is the perfect solution for you!

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle you love over problems that our team can help you fix!

If this sounds like you, don’t worry – you’re in the right place! We’re glad you’re here and we’re ready to help you with our shoulder pain physical therapy treatments in Tulsa. When it comes to shoulder pain, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with it. 

Ever since the pain started, you haven’t been able to truly feel like yourself. This is because you’ve had to put a pause on parts of your lifestyle that you adore. Whether it be exercising, sports practice, or simply being able to keep up with your kids or grandkids – shoulder pain shouldn’t be holding you back. 

As the pain continues, the more and more defeated you begin to feel. You think to yourself, “Is this how I’m always going to feel? Am I going to have to learn how to deal with this for the rest of my life?” 

The answer is: no. Despite what you may think or what you’ve been told in the past, there are solutions to your shoulder pain that will allow you to return to living life on your own terms. 

One of those solutions is physical therapy for shoulder pain in Tulsa is right here at Vitality Therapy & Performance.

When It Comes To Shoulder Pain…

It’s important that you find a provider that’s experienced with your pain problem and knows how to get to the root to find a solution. Without it, you run the risk of wasting your time, and your money, and potentially making the problem worse — which you definitely don’t want! 

You’re tired of limiting yourself. You don’t want to have to rest your shoulder while the rest of the world goes on without you. The pain has left you feeling disconnected from your life. 

This is no way to live! 

While you may think that there’s no practical solution available to you — we’re here to prove you wrong. 

Before stumbling upon Vitality Therapy & Performance as a solution to your shoulder pain, we bet there are multiple ways you’ve tried to reduce the pain that hasn’t exactly worked out.

Maybe You’ve Tried…

The Truth Is…

So, you must be thinking – “If I’ve tried all of these options and nothing seems to work, does this mean I’m a lost cause?” 

The answer is: no. 

Instead, what this means is that you could benefit from physical therapy treatment at Vitality Therapy & Performance. 

Here, we do as promised – get to the root cause of your shoulder pain, rotator cuff, or neck problem with our physical therapy in Tulsa and figure out the best course of action to provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for. 

That’s right. 

No more disappointment. No more false promises. No more failed attempts at finding relief. 

With us, you’ll be able to return to your active lifestyle with no limitations or restrictions. 

How Does Vitality Therapy & Performance Stand Out From The Rest?

Now that we’ve told you what your best solution is in treating your shoulder pain, you might be asking yourself: 

“Why is Vitality Therapy & Performance the best solution for my shoulder pain? Is it worth it in the long run? Will I actually get the results I need?” 

The answer is: yes. 

At Vitality Therapy and Performance, we will make sure that your Tulsa physical therapy treatment for rotator cuff issues, neck pain, or shoulder pain at Vitality is worth your while. 

Unlike other treatments, we don’t just give you a few exercises or stretches to try out on your own time and then send you on your way. 

At Vitality, we work with you. Our passion lies in helping our patients reach the ultimate goal of finding relief from their shoulder pain. 

After analyzing your condition and talking over your history, then we come up with a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to you and your shoulder pain — this is because we know that no two patients are the same. Shoulder pain is unique to the person that’s experiencing it. There’s no “one size fits all.” This is why our specialized treatment plans are the best option for you and your shoulder pain. 

Then, we start our journey together in healing your shoulder pain and finding you the relief that you’ve been tirelessly searching for. 

We can assure you that, with our shoulder pain physical therapy team in Tulsa, you’ll find the relief you’ve been looking for. This means that you can get back to… 

  • Exercising at your desired intensity 
  • Sleeping great at night and having enough energy to be productive for the following day 
  • Keeping up with your kids, grandchildren, and life as you wish to without the worry of making your shoulder pain worse because now you have the knowledge, from us, on what it takes to make sure that your shoulder pain doesn’t come back to bother you again.

Your goals are important to us. We’ll work together to find relief and guide you back to living the active lifestyle that you love. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Vitality Therapy and Performance can help you reduce your shoulder pain and fall in love with life again, then be sure to ask us about our availability for shoulder pain physical therapy in Tulsa by contacting us TODAY! 

Don’t waste any more of your life living with shoulder pain when there are solutions waiting for you.