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Welcome To Vitality Therapy & Performance in Tulsa, OK

Here at Vitality Therapy & Performance, located in Tulsa, OK, our physical therapists specialize in helping active adults and athletes get back to the workouts and sports they enjoy without surgery, stopping activities they love, or relying on pain medication. 

As an active individual, one of the most detrimental things that could happen to you is dealing with chronic pain or an injury. 

Ever since the pain started, you haven’t been able to truly feel like yourself. 

Instead of participating in your favorite sports or completing your intense workout regimen—you’re stuck sitting inside, resting, in hopes that the pain will go away during the downtime. 

But no matter what you try—nothing seems to work as you’d hoped it would. 

We know—we’ve been there ourselves. 

That’s why our physical therapy specialists in Tulsa here at Vitality Therapy & Performance strive for greatness and success when it comes to getting to the root cause of your pain problem so you can return to physical activity safely and efficiently. 

There’s no reason you should have to give up your active lifestyle over problems that we can (and will!) help you fix. 

Who We Help

Active Adults and Athletes

Our Tulsa physical therapy clinic helps those looking to stay active now and well into the future—whether it’s by being able to run and work out or to enhance your overall performance as an athlete—we can help.


Don’t let chronic pain or an injury keep you from reaching your goals as a runner. If you want to continue being the best of the best and don’t want pain or an injury to hold you back, our physical therapists in Tulsa can help you. 

CrossFit Injuries

Dealing with a CrossFit Injury? No worries—our team here at Vitality Therapy & Performance knows exactly how to help you find relief so you can easily get back to your workouts without pain or limitation. 

Tennis Players

Want to better your swing? Want to work on your serve? Is pain holding you back from reaching your goals? Vitality Therapy & Performance helps tennis players, just like you, reduce pain and achieve their goals. 

Active Women

Women who are passionate about their health and want to do whatever they can to maintain a healthy lifestyle—physical therapists in Tulsa help women athletes with chronic pain or injury and with pelvic health issues and concerns. 

Gym Enthusiasts

Those who want to get back to the gym quickly and efficiently to continue making progress toward their fitness goals. 

How Does Vitality Therapy & Performance Stand Out From The Rest?

Here at Vitality Therapy & Performance, our Tulsa physical therapy clinic is here to make sure that your physical therapy experience is worth your while. 

We know that, before us, you’ve likely tried several ways to find relief only to end up disappointed. 

We want to be the solution to all of your problems. 

Unlike other treatments, our physical therapists in Tulsa don’t just give you a few exercises or stretches to do on your own time and then send you on your way. 

Instead, we work right alongside you every step of the way. This allows us to ensure that you’re performing each exercise safely, correctly, and efficiently to reach your maximum potential. 

Our passion lies in helping our patients reach the ultimate goal of finding relief and returning to the active lifestyle they love and desire. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Vitality Therapy & Performance can help you reduce your pain and fall in love with life again, then be sure to ask us about our availability by contacting one of our physical therapy specialists in Tulsa today!

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Vitality Therapy And Performance…

Tom Watkins Testimonial
Tom Watkins
This place is fantastic! They truly care about making people feel better long term not just hit a marker and send you on your way. The staff here is knowledgeable and can help many kinds of athletes move past several types of performance barriers. The one-on-one experience here is bar none I have had other places. Vitality has helped to drive home the point that I should not wait until an injury occurs to seek help. It is possible to identify weak spots and prevent injury so that I can keep doing what I love to do! Triathlons!
Rachel DeMoss Testimonial
Rachel DeMoss
I saw Tristen while I was pregnant due to some pain that I was having. She helped me a ton with tips and tricks on how to help alleviate the pain; pain that I thought was just another part of pregnancy. I was nervous about going in, but she made me feel extremely comfortable during the entire process. Going to see her helped me get rid of the pain and made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable. I was able to be active my entire pregnancy because of her assistance. I will certainly be going back after baby arrives!